Welcome to my sniff.


Sniffs butt. Hello how's it going? Good? Good. As you know this is my profile that you're sniffing all in it lol but that's a o k with me.

My name is Kelly, but you can call me Mouse, Kelkel (Childhood nickname given to me by my older brother) Kelz, Kel or Kell with an extra L haha.

My birthday is: 02/27/1993 so you can guess how old I am.

Pet(s): Yes 2 dogs. Lex and Pip.

Siblings: Yes 3 brothers.

Parents: Yes mom and dad

Grandparents: No :sob:
Ok so you want to know if I play games? Why yes I do, I play Wow, Wizard101, Cereal Soup, Fere Heart, Star stable and Alicia Online. I would play on my brothers Ps4 but really it's not my thing.

I love to spend time with friends to get to them better and I like to go out to the stores every week with my aunt and cousin.

I don't live alone I got my younger brother and his girlfriend living with me so yeah they're helping me out.

Favorite Color(s): Red, Blue, Black, white, Grey and Nature colors lol.

Own a car: No can't drive, didn't learn how to or know how to ride a bike.

My personality is: Kind, sweet, quiet, likes to keep to myself mostly, I like being around other people even if they don't know me or don't talk to me. I just feel save around them can you blame me?

I also like to roleplay as a Feline and my furry name is Mouse. I'm an Futa, don't like? Don't have to follow me or talk to me simple as that but I'll appreciate to be treated the way you want to be treated thanks.

And that's all for now, thanks for reading now get your cold nose off the booty lol and the artist of my character is Cyaf credit goes to him thank you.

This is my character name Mouse cat, she's half horse and mostly feline. Her chest, private parts, her thickness is horse and skinniness her fur, legs, tail, ears, muzzle and white eyes is all feline.

( Made with Carrd )